Three Rivers 30k


I know it has been a grip since I last posted (before I completed the SCAR swim last May 2014!). But I have come out of hiding to give some exciting info on my upcoming RIVER SWIM! Three rivers. One day. Thirty kilometers. The idea is that myself and a few other swimmers will all start together and swim out and back the Ohio (10K), out and back the Monongahela (10K) and out and back the Allegheny (10K). These three rivers meet in the middle of Pittsburgh, PA.

Darren Miller has been the driving force on this swim and did a trial run last summer which went splendidly. This year is another trial run, hence the low number of swimmers attempting it. Darren is an amazing athlete and motivational speaker, I met him during the SCAR swim last year and was instantly impressed with his accomplishments. Click here to find out more.

In addition to training for this swim, I completed the AZ OWS Series over the past two months:

April 4th – Tempe Town Lake 4K

April 25th – Lake Pleasant 3K

May 30th – Canyon Lake 4.5K

Results can be found here.

I competed in the Female Distance Open Division.

As with my past big swims, I will be fundraising again this summer. Everyone that has donated in the past has been incredibly generous in their giving. Team FARA, and more specifically, the Juneau Joneses are very, very grateful for everything you have done to help find the cure for Friedreichs Ataxia. It is a beacon of hope in our family and fellow FA community. To date, the Juneau Joneses have raised nearly $14,000 since beginning two years ago in May of 2013 — far surpassing the original goal of $1,000.

My fundraising will continue through the next 7 weeks, until I jump into the rivers and swim roughly 18.5 miles on August 1st!


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