S(CAR) 2019

Hello again friends! It has certainly been awhile since I have been able to entertain the idea of completing a long distance swimming event… a lot has happened in my life since then! In June 2017 my daughter, Aubrey was born. It has been a joyous 21 months! Filled with laughter, learning and letting go. […]

Lake Saguaro

Lake Saguaro – April 27th, 2016   Hollie, Taj and myself arrived at the Lake Saguaro marina around 6:50 am. Most of the swimmers and support crew had already arrived, but the speed boats were still being dropped into the water. Everyone was busy getting gear bags ready and discussing their feed plans for the […]

SCAR Video

If you are interested in finding out what the atmosphere is like during S.C.A.R. take a look at this video. It captures the camaraderie we develop as marathon swimmers, the scenery we experience as we swim along canyon walls in the middle of a desert, and what our definition of “fun” is… Enjoy! p.s. Thanks Kent […]

Three Rivers 30k

TO DONATE NOW, CLICK HERE I know it has been a grip since I last posted (before I completed the SCAR swim last May 2014!). But I have come out of hiding to give some exciting info on my upcoming RIVER SWIM! Three rivers. One day. Thirty kilometers. The idea is that myself and a […]

Stay Tuned…

Over the past two weeks I have been getting work done on my shoulder by Geoffrey Bishop of ‘Stay Tuned Therapeutics’. He has joined the team of sponsors helping me to reach the finish line! I came to Geoffrey with soft tissue damage to my right back/shoulder due to the high mileage I have been […]